The Wine Rebel is a man on a mission in support of the American wine industry and truth in the wine rating and marketing system. His slogan, "Let me taste any $200 foreign bottle of wine and I will match or exceed its taste and quality with a bottle of American wine at a fraction of that cost."

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Amazingly, this burly, rough, tattooed biker from North Idaho simply cuts through years of phony wine babble and the scientifically impossible 100-point wine-scoring system. The Wine Rebel calls things as he sees them and is refreshingly right on target.
"Without a doubt, (Robert) Parker is the number one world renowned wine critic. This fact is readily acknowledged and accepted by the majority of those involved in the wine industry and also proclaimed by Parker himself. My concern and disappointment with Mr. Parker and his influence over the world's wine industry is his ability to turn such a large number of wine drinkers into lemmings, blindly following his 100 point rating system..."says the Wine Rebel.
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